The Knoble Partners with STOP THE TRAFFIK and Traffik Analysis Hub in the Quest to End Modern Slavery

The Knoble, STOP THE TRAFFIK and Traffik Analysis Hub (TAHub) are bringing together their global networks, financial crime and fraud expertise, and technology and data systems in the global fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

“In the fight against human trafficking, there needs to be a more united impetus that coordinates and scales essential cross-industry initiatives,” said Shawn Holtzclaw, Executive Director, The Knoble.

“Working alongside committed organizations like TAHub and STOP THE TRAFFIK, we’re delivering a sophisticated, unified front against the perpetrators of these horrendous activities in order to detect, prevent and stop them in a meaningful way.”

The TAHub (created by STOP THE TRAFFIK in a joint effort with IBM) is the first technology of its kind, allowing for human trafficking information to be shared internationally and across all industries and sectors. The hub delivers comprehensive analytics capabilities, such as correlating suspicious activity reported by financial institutions with publicly reported incidents of trafficking.

“Our learning over the past 15 years has shown us that the change essential for success is the sharing of information to enable us to see the richest picture of what is actually happening on the ground. We can’t stop what we can’t see. But our sharing must be done differently with less duplication, fragmentation, and not in a competitive environment. We are excited about this big step in walking this new path together,” said Ruth Dearnley, CEO, STOP THE TRAFFIK.

The partnership combines STT’s modern slavery expertise and TAHub with The Knoble Network’s leading knowledge of how financial systems operate, as well as its ability to develop and deploy actionable solutions that identify and disrupt the financial support that enables human trafficking operations.

In addition, the three organizations’ efforts will further strategic and tactical initiatives intended to facilitate greater data sharing and establish consortium best practices for private and public businesses, governmental agencies, and non-government organizations.

TAHub, The Knoble and STOP THE TRAFFIK are committed to collaboration and mutual working at both operational and governance levels.

“​TAHub was commissioned as a revolutionary, globally accessible data set of human trafficking stories for analysis by anyone who needs it to stop the trafficking in persons economy. TAHub is fully operational and now needs strong partners and broad participation. The operational and governance collaboration with The Knoble and STOP THE TRAFFIK is a significant step along the way.” said  Neil Giles, CEO, Traffik Analysis Hub.

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About The Knoble

Founded in 2019, The Knoble is dedicated to preventing financial crime that impacts vulnerable people around the world, including victims of modern slavery, human trafficking, elder abuse, and child exploitation. The Knoble Network includes experts who understand how global financial systems operate, and our cross-industry initiatives bring together the public, private and charitable sectors to create ongoing, system-wide change. For more information, visit


STOP THE TRAFFIK was founded in 2006 as a campaign coalition to bring an end to human trafficking worldwide.

Through radical information sharing and collaboration, STOP THE TRAFFIK aims to build a global picture of human trafficking hotspots and trends, to empower individuals, organisations and agencies to make more informed and better choices, to signpost them to safe places to get help and support and to encourage appropriate response and reporting.

About TAHub

TAHub is a unique collaboration between STOP THE TRAFFIK, IBM, and Clifford Chance LLP. Begun in 2017 to create the richest global understanding of trafficking and exploitation of people and to make insights and accessible analysis available to every actor in every sector. The Hub was publicly launched in Washington DC in November 2019 and is already the richest data set on trafficking globally, helping financial institutions, businesses, NGOs, and Law Enforcement to work smarter.

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