BioCatch Joins The Knoble in a Strategic Partnership to Combat Financial Crime & Accelerate Information Sharing Among Banking Institutions

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. AND NEW YORK (APRIL, 11, 2024) – The Knoble, an alliance of financial service professionals, law enforcement, regulators, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to fighting human crime, is proud to welcome BioCatch, a pioneer in behavioral biometric intelligence for digital fraud detection and financial crime prevention, as its newest corporate sponsor. This partnership aligns BioCatch with The Knoble’s mission to implement more effective strategies for combating human crime and safeguarding the vulnerable.  

“We love seeing advanced technology providers like BioCatch leaning in and doing more to raise the industry’s fight to protect the vulnerable,” The Knoble Founder Ian Mitchell said.  “I have no doubt that the broader fight against human crimes, like scams, s*x and drug trafficking, and money laundering will significantly benefit from BioCatch joining the Knoble Alliance and challenging all of us to do more.” 

At the core of this sponsorship is the “Effective Practices Guide to Information Sharing” initiative. The complexity of information-sharing regulations can create confusion, often resulting in hesitation and avoidance among many institutions. An increase in information-sharing would allow financial institutions to more effectively identify and respond to crimes such as human trafficking, child exploitation, scams, and elder financial abuse. This initiative is designed to share examples of successful information sharing with effective practices for financial institutions to consider and talk to their legal teams about. By providing these effective practices, The Knoble and BioCatch hope more financial institutions will find ways for their institution to participate in more information sharing. 

“It takes a community to eradicate financial crime,” BioCatch Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Daly said. “We all must work together – across both the public and private sectors – and share intelligence if we hope to make a difference. Our partnership with The Knoble seeks to find ways to implement systemic changes as a community to break down barriers and make information-sharing easier and more effective, giving us the opportunity to truly advance beyond our criminal adversaries.” 

The alliance between BioCatch and The Knoble marks a significant development in the ongoing battle against financial crime. By leveraging BioCatch‘s expertise in behavioral biometric data analysis, The Knoble’s network can expect more robust defenses and a unified front in this critical fight. We eagerly anticipate the strides we will make together to protect society’s most vulnerable members. We look forward to the positive outcomes this sponsorship will bring. 

About BioCatch 

BioCatch stands at the forefront of digital fraud detection, pioneering behavioral biometric intelligence grounded in advanced cognitive science and machine learning. BioCatch analyzes thousands of user interactions to support a digital banking environment where identity, trust, and ease coexist. Today, more than 30 of the world’s largest 100 banks and more than 180 total financial institutions rely on BioCatch Connect™ to combat fraud, facilitate digital transformation, and grow customer relationships. BioCatch’s Client Innovation Board, an industry-led initiative featuring American Express, Barclays, Citi Ventures, HSBC, and National Australia Bank, collaborates to pioneer creative and innovative ways to leverage customer relationships for fraud prevention. With more than a decade of data analysis, 90 registered patents, and unmatched expertise, BioCatch continues to lead innovation to address future challenges. For more information, please visit 

About The Knoble

Founded in 2019 by Ian Mitchell, we are a non-profit network of Financial Institutions, law enforcement, financial services, and NGOs passionate about fighting Human Crime — scams, human trafficking, child exploitation, and elder abuse. Through thought-leadership projects and industry-leading initiatives, we are a network of professionals dedicated to making a difference. Join us today, apply for vetting at The, and receive complimentary access to The Knoble Network Member Center, where like-minded professionals join to connect and participate in roundtables, forums, and more. Reach out to if your organization is interested in becoming a corporate member or sponsoring an initiative.

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